Uber Pakistan, an app-based ride hailing service, has become more popular due to its affordable rates. We have seen uberMINI making its way to Rawalpindi and Islamabad by adding the famous Suzuki Mehran to Uber fleet.

Keeping in view the success of the pilot project, Uber has decided to expand uberMINI to the two largest cities of Pakistan – Karachi and Lahore. This was officially confirmed in a recent blog post published on company’s official page.

The blog post says:

We are thrilled to announce uberMINI is now available in both Lahore and Karachi, to provide safe, reliable, and affordable rides.

uberMINI’s will be your familiar Suzuki Mehran’s that are going to be bringing you MINI prices.

How to Ride on uberMINI

Although Uber claims to start uberMINI in Karachi but we have checked there is no option available on the app so far. However, we anticipate to see it somewhere adjacent to uberGO and uberX in next app update.

When available, you’ll simply have to select uberMINI to avail the most affordable ride in Pakistan with comfort and security of Uber Pakistan.

uberMINI Fares

  • Base Fare: Rs. 65
  • Per KM Charge: Rs. 4.5
  • Per Minute Charge: Rs. 2
  • Minimum Fare: Rs. 100

How to Become Part of Uber

If you are interested in becoming an Uber partner/driver, you can click here to find out the complete procedure.