UberAuto –the popular rickshaw ride makes its way to Peshawar after being successfully run in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi for over a year. The UberAuto Peshawar is meant to travel long distances at a cheaper pricing.

The people of Peshawar can now hail rickshaws instead of cars or bikes to travel around in an economical way. They are to select “Auto” ride type from now on when making a booking on the Uber App.

UberAuto Peshawar – Pricing

The base fare of UberAuto Peshawar is tabulated below, however the pricing may vary depending on your region, peak hours and ride type.

Base Fare (Rs.) Per KM (Rs.) Per Minute (Rs.) Minimum Fare (Rs.)
45 5 1.15 50

 How to Book the UberAuto?

The booking process is just the same as any other ride type except for selecting “Auto” when booking a ride. You get to track your autmobile’s location using Uber app’s built-in map, and can also contact the driver using his/her contact details. The driver will come to your location or the spot on the map where you dropped the destination-select pin, and will wait for you to arrive.


Do note that the longer you keep the driver waiting, the more you’ll get charged, just like UberGO or Mini ride types. In case the driver faces issues in finding you, you can always call them and guide them with directions.For more information on UberAUTO and new features, check out Uber’s official blog.