Uber, an international ride-sharing service, has announced starting of its bike-hailing service known as UberMOTO for twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Now people from the capital area can ride on the back of a motorbike and move around from one place to another in lesser time than ever before.

Earlier, the UberMOTO service was kicked off in Lahore and Karachi. It seems that positive feedback has encouraged Uber to start UberMOTO in Rawalpindi Islamabad. As usual, the service will enable the users to commute at much cheaper rates.

Uber has kept the base fare for twin cities as low as Rs. 30 while service charges for per kilometre ride are peaked at Rs. 3.25 and Re. 1 will be charged for per minute ride as well. In this way the commuters will be charged for Rs. 45 as the minimum fare for UberMOTO Rawalpindi Islamabad.

Uber Blog says:

Islamabad and Rawalpindi riders, you are in for a surprise! You can now ride on the back of a motorbike and get from one place to another for lesser than before. Yes, you read it right. With a tap on your phone, you can now be navigating through crowded areas and narrow alleys hassle free. Wondering how cheap uberMOTO is?

UberMOTO Rawalpindi Islamabad Fares

Base Fare Rs. 30
Per KM Charges Rs. 3.25
Per Minute Charges Rs. 1
Minimum Fare Rs. 45

How UberMOTO Rawalpindi Islamabad Works?

  • Head on to Uber app on your Android | iOS device
  • Enter your drop off location and select UberMOTO
  • Once your ride is matched up with a driver, you will receive its details
  • Your UberMOTO driver will have one helmet for you. Put that on and hop on the back

With Uber Moto you can have the cheapest transportation with the use of your smartphone. You won’t have to worry that your bill is going to be heavy on your wallet. This service is much economical for guys who live in hostels or are students. This service will earn a lot of fame due to its much cheaper and economical rates.

Excited? Open your Uber app, order a Moto and hop on a motorbike.