Ufone Uwatch

Ufone brings an innovative product designed to change the way you take care of your loved ones, while giving you complete peace of mind. They name it UWatch. It keeps families connected in the way they want to be without the need to buy a young child a smartphone.

What is UWatch?

UWatch is a wearable mobile watch designed specifically for kids in order for parents to keep in touch with their loved ones. This watch provides two-way voice calling functionality i.e. the parent can dial into the watch and also the child can dial from the watch to the parent’s mobile number. Additionally UWatch also provides real-time location capability via GSM/GPS positioning so that parents can be aware of their child’s location.

To keep the simplicity, UWatch only has two buttons on it. You can assign three mobile numbers that your child can dial. Only the numbers that you register in the UWatch can contact the child. The watch also periodically checks the location of the child.

It has a mic and a speaker for voice-calling services, and a GPS for tracking the real-time location. UWatch comes with an Android app that can be installed on parent’s smartphone. It has a battery timing of up to two days.


  • Real-time Tracking
  • Voice Calling
  • Emergency/SOS Calling
  • Safe Zone/ Geo-fence
  • Tracking History Playback
  • Splash Proof
  • Pedometer
  • Watch Removal Function and Remote Turn-off

How to set up UWatch for your child?

To buy and set up a UWatch, visit your nearest Ufone Customer Service Center in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Follow these simple steps:

  • Put an already registered SIM card of a parent (mother, father or any other guardian) on your phone.
  • Visit the nearest Ufone retailer or franchise and purchase UWatch and another SIM card for the watch.
  • Put the SIM card in UWatch, enter UWatch ID in your phone’s UWatch App.
  • The SIM in the UWatch is now virtually registered as child’s SIM.
  • An annual subscription package will be activated on the ‘Child SIM’.
  • All the charges will be deducted from the ‘Parent Ufone SIM’.


The UWatch is available in three colors; Black, Blue and Pink.

Price and Package Plan

The UWatch comes with monthly free 100 Ufone to Ufone minutes, 2000 SMS and 100 MBs along with a 6 months warranty for just Rs. 6,999/.

Annual subscription charges (including tracking, minutes, SMS, MBs, taxes and all other chargers) are Rs. 3000.

UWatch App

With the UWatch app, the parent is always in control. From live monitoring to setting up safe zones, the app provides several ways to customize the UWatch experience for your family. The app provides accurate real-time locations of your child and can also control who your child can call and receive calls from. In addition to that, parents can set up Safe Zones to receive notifications when your child has left or entered certain locations.

Android users click here to download UWatch App.


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