Daraz, Pakistan’s leading e-commerce platform, has brought Daraz Wallet on its platform for hassle free payments and refunds. This is a closed loop digital payment solution that can only be used on Daraz ensuring immediate access to over 3 million products assortment.

The Daraz Wallet is meant to complete a transaction in just two quick clicks and you don’t even have to worry about waiting for verification pins. How’s that for a deal?

Ehsan Saya, Managing Director of Daraz Pakistan, had this to say about the Daraz Wallet:

“Daraz has always been on the forefront of technological innovation in Pakistan. The world has been reducing its usage of paper money, so why shouldn’t we? With the Daraz Wallet, we’ve introduced a new digital payment system that ensures that your transaction is as fast, smooth and secure as possible. Additionally, with the Wallet activated, you can get easy returns straight to your wallet as soon as your case is approved!”

Daraz Wallet – The Fastest Way to Pay!

You need not to worry if you are all set to have an eye on a Daraz flash sale that may vanish in seconds. Just install Daraz app, activate your Daraz Wallet and enjoy the fastest method of payment on Daraz platforms.


The new Wallet is linked to your Daraz account and it takes only 2 clicks for the payment process. It looks like you can finally get your hands on that Rs. 3,000 television deal the next time it hits your app!

Get Instant Refunds!

The Daraz Wallet also allows you to get instant refunds on orders made via wallet and cash on delivery! If you wish to return your product, you will no longer have to wait a few days for a refund. As soon as your claim is approved, your money will be refunded immediately through your Daraz Wallet.


It’s even faster when your product has not been delivered to you – simply cancel your order and get your money back in minutes! The days of waiting on money spent are behind you; shop without any hesitation!

Get More with Daraz Wallet!

Who doesn’t love some extra cash? Throughout the year, you will have the chance to earn bonuses straight to your Daraz Wallet, keep an eye out on the Daraz App for an ongoing 5% bonus offer, every time you deposit in the wallet!


Daraz has offered a 10% bonus on your wallet deposit for the next 2 weeks. That means if you deposit your wallet with Rs. 1,000, you’re going to get a total of Rs. 1,100 in your wallet. If you wish, top-up your mobile phone with that Rs 100. Is there anywhere else you can get completely free mobile credit?

You even have a chance to earn some free money in your Daraz Wallet! Just collect as many coins as possible and get your highest score turned into your wallet bonus! So what are you waiting for? Play the game on the Daraz App here.

How to Use Daraz Wallet

Now that you know you need the wallet. You should learn how to activate and use it. You can get all those details from here.