Easypaisa Android App

Easypaisa, money transferring service jointly operated by Telenor Pakistan and Temeer Bank have launched their Android app to facilitate customers at their best. This step enables customers to sign up for Easypaisa account regardless of their cellular network. Users can pay their utility bills, transfer money, make payments or initiate an Easy Load.

The Easypaisa Android app requires your current mobile number and a user PIN to start making transactions. It offers a user-friendly smartphone interface; a major upgrade in usability being much faster and easier for customers when conducting Easypaisa transactions.

How to use Easypaisa Android App

Easypaisa Android app offers to:

  • Open an Easypaisa account – whether you are a Telenor customer or any other network
  • Transfer funds to others’ Easypaisa accounts, CNICs or other Banks
  • Make utility bill payments for almost all utility companies
  • Get Easy-load for any phone number

Open an Easypaisa Account

If you already have an Easypaisa account:

  • Click “I already have an account”
  • Enter your MSISDN
  • Enter your PIN
  • Enter the 4 digit passcode taht will be received on SMS
  • Re-enter PIN to login to the App

If you do not have an Easypaisa account:

  • Click “Open new account”
  • If you are a Telenor custome
    • Click the Telenor button and dial the short code
    • Enter a new PIN in the USSD prompt
  • If you are a non-Telenor customer
    • Click the non-Telenor button and send the SMS: EP<space><CNIC number>
    • You will receive a call back within 6 hours for verification
    • After verification, you will receive SMS instruction on how to create a PIN
    • Create PIN & use the app

Transfer Funds

  • Login by entering PIN
  • Select “money transfer”
  • Send to Easypaisa account (if the receiver has an account)
    • Enter the receiver’s mobile number
    • Enter the amount
    • Click Transfer
  • Send to CNIC (to be received in cash over the counter at an Easypaisa shop)
    • Enter Receiver’s mobile number and CNIC
    • Enter amount
    • Enter 5 digit passcode for this transaction (The sender should communicate this passcode to the receiver)
  • Send to Bank account
    • Select or search by bank name
    • Enter Account number and amount
    • Click Transfer

Make utility bill payments

  • Login by entering PIN
  • Select “Bill Payment”
  • Select the category of the bill or search by company name
  • Enter the bill ID or customer ID as written on the bill
  • Click “Get Bill” to see the payment amount and whether the bill has been paid already
  • Click “Pay Bill” to pay the bill

Get Easy Load

  • Select Prepaid or Postpaid
  • Select mobile operator
  • Enter the receiver’s number
  • Enter amount
  • Click “Easyload”

Download Easypaisa Android App

Click here to download Easypaisa Android App.