How to use Fake GPS Location on Android

With the introduction of smartphones and smartwatches, masses use a number of latest technologies on these gadgets. Earlier it was only possible to sit in front of computer to do those tasks but now everything is ever ready in your pocket. One of such advancements is sharing of your Location on Android with others.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is one of the greatest tools that come pre-installed on almost every smartphone and smartwatch. It shares our location with our friends, the websites that we visit and also assists us in finding the places on maps.

Sometimes you do want to use the GPS but you too want to hide yourself or you don’t feel comfortable in sharing your real location with others. Don’t worry and stop peeping here and there as we are sharing a great tip in order to achieve that goal.

Fake GPS Location Spoofer

An app named Fake GPS Location Spoofer is available on Play Store. You can easily install this app on your Android device, just like you installed Facebook and WhatsApp. Instead of sharing your original location details, this app easily shows a fake location on the Internet.

After the installation is completed, the app will ask you to activate your GPS if you haven’t already. Do remember to deactivate your Wi-Fi while using this app, because sometimes, Android devices use Wi-Fi to get the location details if GPS signals are poor in that area.

Follow these simple steps as shown in pictures as well:

  1. Go to settings-> Location and select “GPS only.”
  2. After that, go to Settings-> About device and tap Build number 7 times until you get the message “Developer mode has been turned on.”
  3. Again go back to the Settings and select “Developer options”. Once inside, tick the check box right next to “Allow mock locations.”


Click Here to download Fake GPS Location Spoofer.


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