The Vanity Number Plates are about to enter Pakistan. If you are wondering what it means, let me clarify in simple words. The Vanity Number Plates are special and personalized ones designed by yourself for your vehicles that suit your mood and personality.

According to reports, Government of Punjab has started a process of selecting companies in preparing these unique number plates in the province which is expected to be completed in October this year.

An online portal will be set up for ordering these number plates. Citizens will also be able to design the plates online and check the expected costs of their personalized creations. They can order it once they’re satisfied with the design and price of the number plates.

These number plates will be issued against the customer’s CNIC rather than the car documents, as is currently being done. People will be able to transfer the plates to another car without paying any additional charges.

It has also been revealed that online auctions will also be held for special number plates for increased transparency, accountability and customer convenience.

These vanity number plates will also be introduced for bikes, with an estimated price of Rs. 5,000 per pair.

Vanity Number Plates – Categories and Charges

With the help of the Excise and Taxation department of Punjab, the number plates will be divided in various categories. They are also expected to be smaller in size than the current plates.

The categories of number plates that can be ordered are as follows:

Category 1: Coloured Plates

Coloured Plates

The coloured number plates will consist of two colours – foreground and background. Both set of colours can be changed according to a customer’s requirement.

This will finally enable customers to match the colour of the number plates with the colour of their vehicles.

Price — Rs. 15,000 per pair

Category 2: Themed Plates

Themed Plates

Various designs will be provided to the customers from the Excise department for themed number plates.

With the passage of time, new themes will be introduced based on special events, events, interests, seasons and so on.

Price — Rs. 25,000 per pair

Category 3: Prestige Plates

Prestige Plates

On top of choosing the background and foreground colours, customers can also choose any type of alphanumeric sequence which will be printed on the number plates.

Price — Rs. 100,000 per pair