Smartphones are getting even smarter with the passage of time. We’ve seen the ‘bezelless’ displays introduced by major players last year making the visual display area large enough and leaving no space for other sensors to be embedded in. Therefore, manufacturers were heard to be working on the ‘under-display’ sensors; the most important of those being the security related fingerprint scanner.

The Synaptics – one of the big names in the fingerprint sensors market announced to start mass production of its optical in-display fingerprint sensors last year. The company further revealed that they’re going to supply those sensors to one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. Most of the people guessed that it would be Samsung that was reportedly working to introduce on-screen fingerprint sensor for its upcoming products.

But now it is almost confirmed that Synaptics pointed out towards Vivo – the fifth largest smartphone brand in the world. Vivo  may not be a familiar name for the Western countries but it is the brand that has proven its innovativeness through impressive line-up ranging from budget to high-end categories in Asian markets. The brand is going to achieve another landmark being the first one to introduce the on-display fingerprint sensor in its devices. As for now, a new variant of Vivo X20 Plus has got 3C certification in China; probably featuring an on-display fingerprint scanner.

Vivo made the X20 available in the home market of China in September last year and has also been hit with the special edition of FIFA World Cup 2018. The listing of the 3C certification reveals the name of the upcoming smartphone to be the Vivo X20 Plus UD. From here we predict X20 Plus UD moniker to be a smartphone with an under-screen fingerprint scanner as the ‘UD’ part of its name apparently hints towards ‘Under Display’.

The phone is rumored to be coming at CES, which is just a few days ahead. However, these are the speculations so far and you must take them with a pinch of salt.