The successful operation of international ride hailing apps of Uber and Careem in Pakistan has encouraged the local players to enter the market. Earlier we have seen a telecom operator Jazz introducing mLift in Rawalpindi/ Islamabad and later on the popular inter-city bus service Daewoo has also started their operation.

The Capital City Islamabad is lucky enough to welcome a new ride hailing app Wahyd. The new service claims to offer the best fares around. It comes with an Android and iOS app in addition to on-call booking facility.

Rates Comparison

Wahyd has introduced the fare charges fairly similar to Careem in Islamabad (not on peak factor of course). The customers get Rs. 100 instant credit after signing up on Wahyd.

Careem Go vs Wahyd Economy
Careem Go+ vs Wahyd Regular

As evident from the rates above, Wahyd may not really be offering the best fares in Islamabad, however that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to the service.

Payment Options

The app works similar to Careem in many ways. When you book a ride, the app shows you a receipt before confirmation listing Pickup Location, Destination, Estimated Fare, Trip Duration and Distance as well as Ride Type and Order Time.

Just like Careem you also get promo codes and a ride later option with Wahyd. You can also choose to use credit first from the receipt, in addition to adding comments for the driver – called “Guide”.

Wahyd has offered multiple channels of payment like Cash Payment, Credit Card, Wahyd Credit and Easypay. Wahyd credit is similar to Careem’s credit system where any additional payments are added to your wallet. You can also add Wahyd credit via an Easypaisa account ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 10,000.

Special Bookings

Wahyd brings ordinary categories of Economy, Regular and Premium along with an additional “Special” category. The Special category allows you to book SUVs and vans for a day (similar to a car rental). Your order will be confirmed within 2 hours after you place it. The vehicles in Special Category include:

  • Toyota Prado 2004
  • Toyota Prado 2010/2013
  • Toyota V-8 Land Cruiser 2010/2013
  • Toyota Vigo 2012/2015
  • Toyota Hiace Grand cabin 2010/2014
  • Toyota Corolla 2017


You can visit the Wahyd official webpage or their Facebook page to know more about the offers and services. You can download Wahyd for your iPhone or Android smartphone and enjoy riding through Islamabad.