Watching movie in a crowded cinema hall is always a great experience with friends or family. But if you are a kind of person who loves to watch movie in a quiet and silent environment, may be at home, here comes an affordable solution for you.

This is the Paramount Pictures that brings an exciting way to watch movie while staying at home in a 3D cinema-like environment. You’ll only have to get a Virtual Reality (VR) handset and find yourself sitting in a 3D movie theatre.

To get all this done, Paramount has partnered with Bigscreen to launch first of its kind Virtual Reality Movie Theatre. Some other techies like Facebook’s Oculus, Samsung, HTC, Microsoft and others have contributed to happen in a perfect way.

Watch “Top Gun” in 3D

According to reports, Paramount is all set to bring first movie “Top Gun” in 3D on December 3rd. If you want to be part of the premiere show, just get any brand of VR headset and sign in to Bigscreen. You’ll experience the movie in what looks like a movie theatre while sitting in your drawing room.

The Paramount Pictures have already floated the trailor of the movie; check it out below:

Tom Hayes, SVP New Media at Paramount seems very excited about this innovation as he says,

The movie studio is creating a virtual reality movie theater. This is a good example of what happens when you collaborate with Silicon Valley.

Future of VR Theatres

The concept of Virtual Reality has attracted many large and small companies, as it promises of transporting goggle-wearing users to other environments, such as outer space.

However, the first of its kind of VR theatre, if gets popular, could become a threat to the film industry that has been facing glitches with increasing number of closing theatrical windows.