Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) – the ruling party in the country has launched an official website to track the progress in various fields as promised by Prime Minister Imran Khan in his 100 Days Plan. The website is meant to familiarize transparency in Government’s administration that can be assessed and tracked by anyone, anytime.

The PTI’s official twitter handle revealed the news:

Not to mention that Imran Khan presented his 100 Days Plan earlier in May this year before being elected for the Prime Minster’s office. The plan is quite diverse in nature that encircles all the important issues including good governance and economic growth. He promised to fulfill this agenda in the first 100 days of his governance.

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Mohammad Shehzad Arbab, the adviser to the Prime Minister on Establishment said that the website has been created for the public and media to track progress on the PM’s 100 Days Plan. He told journalists:

“We want to be transparent. We are accountable to the public, so we have launched a website to help people keep track of our performance.”

About 100 Days Plan Tracking Website


The PM’s 100 Days Plan revolves around six themes and the website shows this via six tabs under the names:

  • Transform Governance
  • Strengthen the Federation
  • Revitalise Economic Growth
  • Uplift Agriculture and Conserve Water
  • Revolutionise Social Services
  • Ensure Pakistan’s National Security

These six objectives have been further broken down into 35 initiatives and are mentioned on the website. You can visit the website by clicking here

This is quite an impressive step by the government that would certainly be update on regular basis so that people of Pakistan can monitor the performance of the government from anywhere, anytime.

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