WhatsApp, the largest instant messaging and video calling app, has seen a boost in its performance after its takeover by Facebook. For instance, the recently introduced live location sharing feature on Android and iOS got immense response from users.

It is now heard that WhatsApp is all set to unveil another major breakthrough by introducing group voice and video calling features. The reference to group calling was found in the 2.17.70 beta release of the app. There are multiple references to group calls in the latest WhatsApp beta code.

It is expected that the new feature will work just like the Skype group calling. Users will be able to add other users during a call. For example, if you are on a call with your friend, you can add another friend into the call simply by pressing the add button and group call including the 3 of you will be created. It is not confirmed that if there will be a maximum number of users for group calls.

With the widespread use of 3G/4G networks, a faster internet connectivity is available to the masses. That is why people are using video calling a lot more than ever. WhatsApp is the platform used by over a billion people, which means that even more people will use the group video calling once it is available on the world’s largest messaging platform.

Is WhatsApp Slow in Delivering Features?

WhatsApp is proved to be a bit slow in delivering the features its competitors already have. For example, WhatsApp voice call was introduced when all of the market players already had the feature. Likewise, the video calling feature was introduced just a year ago while other messaging platforms are offering it for a long time now.