Facebook-owned WhatsApp Messenger and Instagram have focused on Snapchat’s most iconic feature — Stories. Where Instagram has managed to create its own Stories following, WhatsApp’s ‘Status’ version didn’t manage to create the same spark but due to high number of WhatsApp users, the feature was complimented well and amassed around 175 million daily users.

WhatsApp Colourful Status Updates have added some spark to their ‘Status’ feature in the latest update making it to suit your mood – you can now add colours to your status much like Facebook – in addition to stitching together videos and photos like Snapchat stories.

Simply write snippet of text with a colourful background appearing and you can customise the font. You can also link out to other websites from within a text post much like what Snapchat recently introduced.

  • Go to Status screen and tap the pencil icon to start writing your status.
  • You can choose colour background and font style as per your mood including emojis.
  • Write something and share as your Status Update.


How to Use WhatsApp Colourful Status Update Feature

Other features of the status, such as the View Count remain the same. You can find out the number of people who’ve viewed your status by clicking on the eye at the bottom. You can also reply directly to someone on their status like before.

Although we think, the new update may not be a very necessary one, but following the trails of its parent company, colourful backgrounds do provide more options for those who want to express themselves (and love colourful updates of course).


Initially the colourful status updates were made available on WhatsApp Web, however, you can now make and view the same feature using your Android or iOS app.

Download the latest release of WhatsApp Messenger from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Don’t worry if the update isn’t available in your territory. Be sure that it is being rolled out to all countries.