WhatsApp has rolled out yet another useful option for iOS users that enables them to lock/ unlock the app using FaceID or TouchID. The new feature becomes more attractive for those who want to keep their personal messages secure.

WhatsApp adds yet another layer of security through iPhone’s biometric security. Users can use either FaceID or TouchID to to lock WhatsApp and its contents; off course depending on which iPhone they are using. Not to mention that if the iPhone is already unlocked, even then users have to unlock WhatsApp using either of the sign-in methods.

Although, main contents of WhatsApp gets secure with the new feature but there is a limitation by default that makes some of its contents still viewable from the notification panel. Whenever a message arrives, you’ll still be able to view and reply it in the notifications. To stop this from happening it is advised to disable WhatsApp’s notifications from going to Setting menu.


Feature for iOS Users Only

For now, this handy feature has only been made available for iOS users only having installed WhatsApp version 2.19.20; however, Android users will also get the feature very soon. If your app hasn’t been updated automatically, you can manually update the app via App Store and set the feature enabled by visiting the Privacy options within WhatsApp’s Account Settings.