WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging and voice/video calling platform, goes down on the eve of New Year leaving billions of users helpless in sending good wishes to their loved ones.

Although the outage was experienced in various parts of the world including Europe, Asia and South America for a short period of time but it leaves too many questions for WhatsApp to consider.

The most authentic crowd sourced website DownDetector has revealed the biggest proportion of outages in major countries including England, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Central Europe, Brazil, Indonesia, India and Pakistan.

The website further reveals that the outages began to rise around 9 am Pacific, however, a spokesperson from WhatsApp affirms that outages started at 10:30 am Pacific. A statement issued by WhatsApp says:

WhatsApp users around the world experienced a brief outage today that has now been resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp users in Pakistan experienced the outage at around 12:00 am P.S.T midnight for few minutes. However, the reason for the outage has not been revealed by the company.