WhatsApp, the largest instant messaging and voice/video calling platform, is rolling out a new feature that would empower group admins to have full control to manage their groups. The new feature is called “Restricted Groups”.

The WhatsApp Restricted Groups feature is in beta stage by now and the users listed as beta testers can use the feature on Android and iOS devices. The new feature will reportedly force group members to be quiet spectators to see what the admins are posting in the groups.


WhatsApp Restricted Groups

In simple words, if you’re the group admin, you – and only you, will be allowed to send any messages. Everyone else will only be able to read them. However, you may authorize any number of members by assigning them as group admins to post in the group. And if you don’t – you’re the only boss as the Restricted Groups settings can only be edited by you!

Restricted Groups prevents all forms of chat for non-admins; like sending text messages or sharing images, videos, GIFs, documents, voice messages or their location. However, the Admins will be able to continue chatting as normal. Everyone else will simply have to read their messages in silence.

If non-admins really consider something important to share with others, they can do so by using the Message Admin button. However, the message will be approved by the admin before going through to the rest of the group. However, admins will only be able to change the setting every 72 hours, which means group members will be silenced for days at a time.


Pros and Cons

Since the new feature is aimed to strengthen control of group admins, the other members may feel loneliness as they are not supposed to express what they feel. Let us see if WhatsApp could decide to make the setting more flexible before it officially rolls the feature out to users.

However, the group admins may feel comfortable to share important information with other members without any interruption from other members by beeping all around. The information could remain visible for everyone as it cannot be overlapped in a flow of messages by group members.

You can test it out now by signing up to the beta version of WhatsApp.