WhatsApp has finally rolled out PiP (Picture-in-Picture) feature for the Android users that was made official for the iOS platforms a year ago.

Surprisingly, it took a yearlong time for the Facebook-owned largest instant messaging platform to fulfil the commitment it made with Android users to bring PiP feature very soon.

Not to mention that the WhatsApp PiP feature allows users to view videos from popular sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram without leaving the app.

Users have to click the video link to open a pop up that allows them to enjoy the video and continue texting simultaneously.


How to Activate WhatsApp PiP Feature

Well, there is nothing to do at the users’ end to activate the new WhatsApp feature except for to download (or update) the latest stable build (2.18.380).

The feature might be a bit heavier for some smartphones but works fine on most of the midrange devices. Of course, you’ll need Android version 4.4 or above on your phone to get this update.

In order to enjoy the amazing new feature on your smartphone, click here to install the latest update on your Android | iOS platform.