WhatsApp users have been reported with a kind of hijacking activity of their account around the globe. Keeping the vulnerability of the largest video calling and chatting platform in mind, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued an advisory for the general public in Pakistan to enable two-factor authentication as a measure to counter any hijacking event.

Waves of reports about hijacked WhatsApp accounts in several countries have forced their cyber-security agencies to send out security alerts. They’ve warned the general public about a relatively new method of hijacking WhatsApp accounts using mobile providers’ voicemail systems.

As per media reports, a group of hackers hacked the WhatsApp accounts of numerous Pakistani citizens in the recent year; mostly based in Karachi. The Cyber Crime wing of the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) says that a lot of such incidents were happening across the country; one of the reasons being the lack of awareness among the general public.

WhatsApp Two-Factor Authetification

Mobile subscribers/ WhatsApp users have been advised to follow four steps for verification and protecting WhatsApp account. The process, as explained by the PTA, is comprised of four steps which are given below:

Be sure to enable two-factor authentication on your WhatsApp account and ask others around you to do the same.