WhatsApp Video Call

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging app on the planet, has rolled out its much-awaited feature – WhatsApp Video Call. It has been learnt by many Windows mobile phone users who have updated their WhatsApp version to 2.16.260 WhatsApp Beta.

WhatsApp being the most widespread cross-platform IM app, including Android, iOS and Windows, brings out new features every now and then. Video calling is the feature where WhatsApp was lagging behind Skype – a venture of Microsoft.

How to make WhatsApp Video Call?

The newest feature of video calling option that rolled out for Windows operated smartphone users at the moment will become the game changer. Now you would talk to your loved ones like sitting next to them. It seems great!

To make a video call, tap the ‘Call’ option’, after which you will get 2 options ‘Video’ and ‘Voice’. Select video option and here you go. You can even switch between front and rear cameras.

You will also get notifications of missed video calls from your valued callers. Just by tapping, you will be able to call back; this is same like the voice call.

If you haven’t received the latest update as yet, simply click here to download WhatsApp Beta on your Windows phone.


What about Android and iPhone users?

As we mentioned earlier that the new feature is only available for Windows based smartphones at the moment then what about most popular Android and iPhones?

The answer is quite simple. The video calling is in test stage through WhatsApp Beta. After successful testing it is quite obvious that you will also get video calling option on your Android and iOS based smartphones very soon.

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