Wi-Tribe is one of the most affordable and professional internet service providers in Pakistan offering wide range of packages. Wi-Tribe had been gearing up to launch its LTE-Advanced services in Pakistan for the past few months. Some initial tests even showed the new network infrastructure going beyond 200 Mbps. The company has now officially unveiled the evolution of its brand identity with the introduction of their latest LTE-Advanced 4.5G technology.

Wi-Tribe is always committed to offer affordable convenience to its subscribers. In line with offering LTE-Advanced to suit communication needs of users in Pakistan, Wi-Tribe has introduced comprehensive Prepaid, Postpaid, Elite & Enterprise bundles. Wi-Tribe LTE-Advanced offers up to 1000 GB download volume for the end users along with the device at no extra cost.

All users who subscribe to the new service will be able to enjoy LTE-Advanced Internet absolutely FREE for the first month.

Businesses will also be able to enjoy Enterprise refined tariffs & packages catering to their business needs. Higher speed, limitless volumes and the perfect hardware to support it come at a higher price, but understanding that consumers are seeking more control and flexibility in the way they pay, Wi-Tribe has developed Instalment plans to bring a fresh payment option to the users. Users can choose their instalment plan with full transparency.

The President and Chairman of Wi-tribe, Mr. Shahid Malik, who previously served as a UK Government Minister & Member of Parliament expressed the company’s pride and excitement at unveiling the brand identity along with incredible offers for Wi-Tribe’s customers, “We extend extreme gratitude to Wi-Tribe’s customers, as they have appreciated our services for the past many years. The upgradation to LTE-Advanced is a huge milestone for Wi-Tribe in Pakistan, and it stands as a testimony to the our commitment to serve Pakistan with the best and continue holding our position of market leaders as internet providers”.


4.5G Packages

Wi-Tribe has introduced Postpaid Starter package with three download slabs of 50 GB, 70 GB and 90 GB per month whereas the Postpaid Infinite package carries four blocks of 120 GB, 150 GB, 250 GB and 500 GB data per month. If you are not quite satisfied with the download limits of Starter and Infinite, there is one Elite package for you with download limit of 1TB per month at a cost of Rs. 5,099.

There is also a prepaid option for you that brings 50% more volume with 50 GB (instead of 35 GB) and 90 GB (instead of 60 GB) for Rs. 2,299 and Rs. 2,799 respectively.

Activation Charges

For both the postpaid and prepaid packages, users will have to pay Rs. 9,999 as activation charges for the first month. However, a limited time offer is valid at the moment slashing the activation charges to 4,999 PKR for postpaid packages and 6,999 PKR for prepaid packages. Users will also get one month of free LTE-Advanced services if they sign up for a package now.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe for LTE-Advanced 4.5G and for more information on great packages, you may call Wi-Tribe UAN 111187423 or visit their website. Interested customers can also visit WiTribe’s Business Center/Franchises to port-in, purchase new connection or convert from WiMax to LTE-Advanced to avail this offer.