While wireless charging is considered to be a convenient way to charge smartphones including iPhone models without using a cable but a recent report claims that it could drain the battery more and reduce battery life as compared to the conventional way of charging through cable. More precisely, the iPhone X and iPhone 8 are reported with the said dark side of wireless charging.

According to details shared by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, a contributor to ZDNet, while switching from cable charging to wireless charging the number of recharge cycles on iPhone increase.

He says that when an iPhone is being charged via a USB cable, the phone is also using that cord to power itself. The battery loses some juice during this process but not that much. Whereas, during wireless charging, the battery doesn’t get a rest while it’s being loaded with power.

This is what he says in his own words:

The issue is that when the iPhone is being charged using a cable, the phone is being powered by the cord (there is some load on the battery, but it’s minimal), but when using wireless charging, the battery is what’s powering the iPhone, with the wireless charger only being used to top up the battery. This means that by switching from a cable to a wireless charger, my battery isn’t getting a break, and in turn, this is making me go through recharge cycles at an even faster rate.

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Keep in mind that as per Apple’s claims, the batteries used with iPhone X and iPhone 8 can retain at least 80% of their original capacity at 500 complete charging cycles – around 3 years of continuous use. If the new study is considered true, the 500 cycles of battery charging through wireless means may be completed in less than 2 years of usage.

The report suggest in the end that you may consider cable charging as the only way to charge your iPhone if you really want to get most out of it without replacing the battery unit earlier than it might supposed to be.

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