We do hear a lot of people complaining about the poor battery performance of their Android smartphones or worried about lagging the performance what they did expect. The latest study conducted by one of the leading names in anti-virus field Avast has revealed something else. It is the user who may have full control on good performance and longer battery life. How? Go through the following lines.

How to Control Android Performance

When we go through the report, it is discovered that highly popular and feature-rich apps including Facebook, Netflix, WhatsApp and Google Maps are responsible for faster battery drainage and poor performance of Android smartphones. The report also identifies the worst apps for hogging data traffic, eating into storage and draining overall performance.

You can improve your phone’s battery life by deleting some of the apps you don’t need. With Facebook, for instance, you can get rid of the app and use the social network in your web browser instead. You’ll have to keep hold of Messenger though. Switching from Google Docs, one of the worst apps for affecting overall performance, to Microsoft Word could be sensible too.

Some apps, however, can’t be deleted. In this case, Avast recommends limiting notifications from them and reducing background features, refresh intervals and location data usage.

The Avast Report

The categories have been split into two lists – one for apps that automatically run at start-up and another for those that you’ll open yourself. If you’re on a limited mobile data plan, go through the following tables and identify those apps that are not your requirement. Most worrying is the fact that you don’t even need to have the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Chrome open for them to munch through your data.

Facebook, Instagram, and Kindle are particularly bad because they store local cache files, photos or books, says Avast. Apps from both Samsung and Google feature heavily in the lists, which may be because both companies’ offerings come pre-installed on a lot of Android devices.

Worst Apps Draining Battery Life

Automatic Running Apps Users Controlled Apps
 1 Samsung AllShare Samsung WatchON
 2 Samsung Security Policy Updates Samsung Video Editor
 3 Beaming Service for Samsung Netflix
 4 ChatON Voice & Video Chat Spotify Music
 5 Google Maps Snapchat
 6 WhatsApp Messenger Clean Master
 7 Facebook LINE
 8 WeChat Microsoft Outlook
 9 AppLock BBC News
 10 DU Battery Saver ES File Explorer File Manager

Worst Apps Hogging Data Traffic

Automatic Running Apps Users Controlled Apps
 1 Facebook Netflix
 2 Instagram Spotify Music
 3 Yahoo! Japan Snapchat
 4 Firefox Browser fast & private BBC News
 5 The Weather Channel LINE
 6 WhatsApp Messenger Microsoft Outlook
 7 Google Chrome Clean Master
 8 DU Battery Saver Samsung WatchON
 9 Facebook Lite Amazon for Tablets
 10 Google Play Home PicsArt Photo Studio & Collage

Worst Apps Eating Storage

Automatic Running Apps Users Controlled Apps
 1 Facebook Spotify Music
 2 Instagram Snapchat
 3 Amazon Kindle LINE
 4 Facebook Messenger Samsung Video Editor
 5 CosmoSia SoundCloud – Music & Audio
 6 Google Quick Search Box PicsArt Photo Studio & Collage
 7 Google Maps Amazon Shopping
 8 Google Chrome BBC News
 9 Firefox Browser fast & private Clean Master
 10 Tango – Free Video Call & Chat Photo Grid

Worst Apps Draining Performance

Automatic Running Apps Users Controlled Apps
 1 Samsung AllShare Samsung WatchON
 2 ChatON Voice & Video Chat Google Docs
 3 Samsung Push Service Samsung Media Hub
 4 Google TalkBack SHAREit
 5 Google Play Music Samsung Video Editor
 6 Google Maps Flipboard
 7 Google Play Newsstand Google Text-to-Speech
 8 Google Plus Clean Master
 9 ChatON LINE
 10 Google Hangouts Adobe Acrobat Reader

We hope our readers will perform a self-check and get rid of unwanted apps thus increasing battery life and performance of their Android smartphones.