Xiaomi, the popular smartphone brand originated from China, has established deep roots in smartphone market of India. The stats shared by Counterpoint for the third quarter market figures reveal that the gap is narrowing down between the two leaders that is Samsung and Xiaomi.

The Chinese manufacturer holds 22 percent of market share whereas the South Korean tech giant having just one percent higher and stands on the top. It is evident that both the companies accounted for 45 percent of the entire market. They are followed by Vivo (nine percent), OPPO (eight percent) and Lenovo (seven percent).


Mid-Range Devices – The Main Factor

The smartphone shipping in India has seen an enormous 18% growth as compared to the previous year. The main reason of this hype being the online channels, Flipkart and Amazon, playing their role with seasonal and occasional promotions attracting more customers.

The market experts believe that the demand of mid-range devices ranging from INR 10,000 to 15,000 has seen a sharp rise. Not to mention this is the range where Xiaomi hits the market. It has a number of smartphones available in this segment including the Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 4 — the two most sold handsets in the third quarter.


Samsung Losing the Position

Although Samsung still holds the biggest share in smartphone market of India but leading with just 1 percent to Xiaomi is not a better sign for future. It is anticipated that the fourth quarter figures may snatch the top position from Samsung.

We believe that Samsung must consider the facts and make some changes in its market approach otherwise it is Xiaomi that will replace Samsung very soon. The Chinese manufacturer is selling devices with a much better price-performance ratio, which is extremely important in a market like India.

Let us wait and see what happens next!