The mobile internet is heading towards 5G technology – 10 times faster in terms of speed compared with current 4G. While most of the manufacturers are expected to enter the 5G arena not earlier than next year, OPPO did it already by testing the fastest internet on the OPPO R15 recently.

That doesn’t mean that no one else is prepared to compete as Xiaomi has also claimed to test 5G on the Mi MIX 3. The Chinese manufacturer has shared a social media post on Weibo highlighting its 5G test results.

It is Lin Bin, Xiaomi’s president, who officially shared the news on Weibo where we could see the test device that is claimed to be Mi MIX 3. Here’s a screenshot (translated by Google):

The same 5G testing photo has also been shared on Twitter by Xiaomi’s global spokesman, Donovan Sung:

The image determines a 5G band N78 (20 MHz) test by Xiaomi; the same band that was tested by OPPO for their own 5G tests. While 5G tests have become successful but Xiaomi announces through Weibo once again to launch its 5G smartphone sometime next year.

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