Facebook is one of the few companies that keep updating their services and apps regularly. And who else knows better than Facebook that it is the best way to keep users engaged with new updates, else people might lose interest in the platforms. The new reports are associated with WhatsApp as the social media giant is working to bring YouTube video playback within WhatsApp.

Until now, when someone shares YouTube video with you, it appears as a link with a small preview and an image. When you tap on that link, it takes you to the YouTube app and you watch the video content over there. But that will be changed soon with the new update.

The new update, when rolled out, will enable you to watch YouTube video without leaving the main interface of WhatsApp. It will make the thumbnail of the link instead and you’ll be able to play the video from that thumbnail, within the chat. That means you will continue chatting and watching videos simultaneously.

WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp status about a year ago and it now has more users than Snapchat. Instagram Stories also has more users than Snapchat and it also stopped its growth, therefore, Snapchat is going to change its interface completely and says that the new interface will be easier to use and hoped to increase its user base.

The most recently, WhatsApp introduced a feature enabling users to delete sent messages even from the recipient’s phone. The “Delete for Everyone” feature saves one from embarrassment for any awkward shootout.

It is also expected that WhatsApp will introduce group video calling where you will be able to add anyone to your call. Be with us to know more innovative features of WhatsApp.

We are anxiously waiting the new feature to be rolled out. Do you?