Google had disclosed their plan back in September 2016 to introduce new YouTube app for those who are facing poor signal or limited data issues. It has now become reality in the brand name of YouTube Go. The new app allows users with poor signal or limited data to download videos from the site for offline viewing.

If you have unlimited data and/or a good, stable Wi-Fi connection, then you are better off with using the main YouTube app. Otherwise, you can have the YouTube Go app handy for when you want to share YouTube videos with others or when data is limited.

YouTube Go is only available for Android users at the moment and it comes with a very simple design and interface. The new app supports the lower Android versions up to Android Jellybean 4.1, it is pretty much understood that it’s designed for low end devices.

How to use YouTube Go

The new app works more or less like the regular YouTube app but comes with a bit less animations and a more simplistic design. When selecting a video for viewing, it will give a preview of the video in the form of a GIF and will give you two options to choose from.

  • Save
  • Play


Before that, you’ll have to choose either of these options in Basic or Standard settings. The resolution isn’t available for these two settings but our information reveals that the Basic one comes in at 144p whereas the Standard one is 360p.

The new YouTube Go app does not allow you to either stream or save videos in 720p or higher. That might be an annoyance to some people but it should be kept in mind that the app was designed for countries with reduced and limited data access.

Saved videos sit in a tab towards the top of the screen, and a popup in the app shows users how much free space you have available on your handset and microSD card.

Another interesting feature embedded in the app is the option to share your saved videos with your friends over Bluetooth so that they can also watch it without using any data (Google says 15KB will still be used as a security check).

How to install YouTube Go

Google has officially released YouTube Go for Indian consumers only but you can follow this link to download APK file on your Android smartphone.

You may have to fiddle with some of your phone’s settings first though, temporarily giving it permission to install apps from sources other than the Play Store through your handset’s Security section.

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