YouTube Kids is a platform that is meant to ensure keeping the mature content away from children. However, recent incidents of a number of inappropriate clips reaching out to the kids unfiltered compels YouTube to adhere to their policies.

As a result, YouTube added strict control for kids related videos several months ago. In order to further improve user experience, YouTube Kids has rolled out new parental control with the latest update that lets you control what your kids watch on the largest video sharing platform and whitelist videos & channels that your children can access.

How to Enable YouTube Kids Parental Control Feature

The YouTube Kids Parental Control Feature has been introduced to the Android platform in all regions, whereas the iOS users will have to wait a bit for the update to be rolled out.

To access the very handy feature, go through these steps:

  • Head on to YouTube’s settings on your device
  • Select “Approved content only” from your child’s user profile
  • Add videos and channels that you want to whitelist

Once enabled, children won’t be able to search for content on YouTube and will only be restricted to view your selections.