Zong 4G and ZTE Corporation have successfully launched the world’s first 4T4R site solution based on X-Site scenario (referred to as X-Site+4T4R) in Pakistan. Zong 4G has become the first operator to commercially launch 4T4R in Pakistan.

Zong 4G is committed to 4G technology leadership. It completed deployment of more than 10,000 4G sites in Pakistan by the end of 2018. It is a leading 4G network with regards to coverage and ranked as a top operator in Pakistan’s 4G market.

In 2018, Zong 4G network traffic increased multifold and payload at hot-spots continued to rise. Considering limited spectrum resources, network modernization became important for network capacity and network quality.

In order to better meet the business need and market development, Zong 4G and ZTE have introduced world’s first X-Site+4T4R solution, which has greatly improved network capacity and quality, hence enhancing the user experience along with the added payload.

The X-Site+4T4R uses 8-port narrow-beam X-site antenna. The narrower beam serves to target terminals in order to increase the downlink throughput. Uplink with 4 receive ports can improve uplink demodulation success rate, hence increasing the uplink throughput.

ZTE’s new generation 4T4R RRU supports built-in 4T4R functionality whereas existing 2T2R RRU combined with another similar unit can support 4T4R hybrid networking solution. This further enhances the network capacity while ensuring the efficacy of original investment.

After deploying 4T4R on X-Site, the payload on hot-spot areas has increased by 11.24%, whereas the average downlink throughput of single-user has increased by 15.1%. Network capacity and user experience is anticipated to increase further with the expected growth of 4X4 MIMO terminals.

This also demonstrates that ZTE’s X-Site+4T4R solution is best suited for network traffic challenges at high-load hot-spots while reducing network expansion and operating costs.

The X-Site+4T4R solution is successfully commercialized setting first global reference of its kind, which is yet another milestone for Zong 4G’s technological leadership in the Pakistan telecommunication market.

In 2019, Zong 4G will continue working with ZTE to improve network capacity and user experience by introducing innovative technologies for evolving business needs. This voyage to create high-quality state of the art network will endure in collaboration with ZTE.