Zong 4G

Zong, a China based cellular operator in Pakistan, is the pioneer in 4G technology and now has become the first 4G service provider crossing milestone of 1.5 million subscribers nationwide. A cake-cutting ceremony held at the PTA headquarters revealed this. The event was graced by the Chairman and CEO of Zong Mr. Mr. Liu Dianfeng and Chairman PTA Mr. Ismail Shah, amongst other dignitaries.

Zong 4G crosses 1.5 Million Subscribers in Pakistan

Chairman Zong

The Chairman and CEO Zong said on the occasion, “We are proud to have achieved a remarkable milestone of more than 1.5 million 4G subscribers. Our teams have worked very hard to be able to achieve this target. Zong’s most reliable and stable network covering more than 200 cities with the fastest network speed and our commercial packages with the most affordable rates are one of the key factors in getting to this point.”

“In the future, we want to be able to continue this trend of keeping the No.1 data network position in Pakistan and add more investment on our 4G network. We have very recently announced an additional 1,000 4G sites, above and beyond our original target of 5,000 4G sites which is unparalleled amongst any operator in the country.”

Chairman PTA

Mr. Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA, expressed his views by saying, “I congratulate Zong on achieving this milestone of more than 1.5 million 4G subscribers. This is not just an achievement for Zong but also for Pakistan. Zong has been the pioneers of 4G technology in Pakistan. They are adding an additional 1,000 4G sites across Pakistan which will ensure that more than 60% of their network is converted to support 4G. This is a major milestone for Zong and will go a long way in developing the 4G ecosystem of the country.”

Achievements from Zong 4G

Zong, the No. 1 operator in voice and data service, is the first network that has expanded their 4G coverage to over 200 cities in Pakistan. The company already holds over 5000 4G sites and has a plan to expand these sites to 1000 more locations in 2016. In this way, Zong has invested over $300 million in 4G technology in Pakistan.


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